Turn Your Space Into a Fi SmartSpace™

Introducing a revolutionary new way to connect with people, places and things.

What is a

Fi’s SmartSpace™ technology turns Wi-Fi networks into a powerful and easy-to-use messaging channel — allowing businesses to engage directly with customers in real time and create interactive mobile experiences for them.


Retail Stores

Greet guests with customized welcome messages and send exclusive offers.

Concerts & Festivals

Create a HereNow experience with on-site concert photo sharing and exclusive song downloads.

Bars & Restaurants

Advertise specials and present menus to guests before they are seated.

Hotels & Casinos

Keep guests engaged throughout their stay with special offers and amenity services directly on their phone.

Smart Cities

Engage and interact throughout a smart city by connecting people, places and things.

College Campuses

Give data-hungry students Wi-Fi access and offset bandwidth costs while delivering real-time engagement.

What can you can do in a Fi SmartSpace™?


Discover Content Around You

A Fi SmartSpace™ combines a wide variety of location-based services to deliver relevant content in the right place at the right time.  By putting information one tap away when it’s needed most, Fi creates real-time connected experiences for customers.


How to Interact with SmartSpaces™

Fi is an in-store mobile engagement app that gives your customers simple and secure access to free amenity Wi-Fi. Once connected, Fi enables them to have unique experiences and interact directly with other people and things on the network.

Fi SmartSpaces™
Connect You with People, Places, and Things

Connect People2
Connect People

Activate Your Fi SmartSpace™

Adding Fi to your Wi-Fi router is simple, free, and takes less than 5 minutes. You can use your existing router, or enhance your experience with a custom install.

Connecting SmartSpaces™ to Build a Smart City

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The Future of Fi SmartSpaces™ is to Build Smart Cities